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> it's already opened. traffic is flowing down the dumbarton bridge after caltrans finished their seismic fix 30 hours ahead of schedule. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. caltranss opened the bridge 7:19 this evening far ahead of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow as originally projected. our crews have been following the project since the bridge
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closed. bringing us coverage is debora villalon. >> reporter: we weren't expecting this. toll booths open, cars flowing before schedule. it was as if they had never left. drivers started rolling through the toll plaza just before 7:30 on to a dumbarton bridge more quake friendly than before. this was the icing on the cake, a shock observant line of crowd below rubber bumpers buried in the roadbed. steel plates on top of others. >> we've done this before. >> reporter: lessons of doing this same job over memorial day weekend in the eastern end made everybody faster this time. >> powered up on the equipment, on the staff, the trades that were needed to be out here did
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everything they could to gain time so that if anything did slow the job down we wouldn't be late. >> reporter: even the warm weather helped setting the concrete. on saturday at the peak of the demolition, the six lanes were a gaping hole. by sunday shrunken to a 40-foot yard. >> we're thankful for the cooperation of the motorists for heeding the motorists and altering their plans. >> reporter: in the coming months some lanes will be closed at night to install seismic bearings on the under side of the bridge but no more few closures. toll fares are helping to flip the bill for improvements on the dumbarton. debora villalon.
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>> go to for news any time. the families of two men shot by vallejo police over the weekend are vehemently refuteing the police account of what happened. police have said police fired upon the two men after one of them got out of the car with what appeared to be a weapon. but family members say neither of them ever got out of the car. 21-year-old joseph johnson is hospitalized but romero was killed. romero's sister says she actually saw the shooting. >> opened this window and i was yelling out the window, please, please, please stop, stop shooting him, stop shooting him. >> reporter: vallejo police say they are looking into the shooting the officers involved are currently on paid administrative leave. in san jose, doctors say a firefighter is making progress now after being hospitalized when he suffered a heart attack
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while fighting a fire last week. 41-year-old san francisco r yan -- -- frank ryan is in a coma. ryan collapsed last thursday while fighting a fire at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose, firefighters say they were dealing with very hot black out conditions inside the church because there was so much fire and smoke. the republicans had their turn last week, tomorrow marks the start of the democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina. thousands of delegates, party leaders even the first lady are already in town. ktvu's ken pritchett is joining us live from charlotte. >> reporter: the democratic convention is expected to start tomorrow because of the
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holiday. there was a huge party downtown. buttons, t-shirts too all for sale to thousands of people crowding downtown charlotte. for a street music festival featuring james taylor. an event called carolina fest that drew a sea of obama supporters. >> what's exciting is to see the energy grow and grow and grow because this is going to be a hard risk. >> reporter: robins is with the carolina convention that before the carolina fest threw a celebration of its own celebrating nancy pelosi's service. >> you have seen president obama's agenda we cannot afford that for another two years. >> reporter: pelosi is here to fire up the bay. she's joined by national states and local democratic leaders. >> so yes it's localizing the
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base not just for california. we in oakland do a lot of phone banking for the rest of the country. >> reporter: for pelosi this election is more than about a president it's about getting democrats to the poll to win back a house majority, they are 25 seats short. >> we think the drive for 25 is a doable one. we think that california is essential to it. >> reporter: as thousands of people celebrated away from the convention floor this afternoon. first lady michelle obama walked the stage at time warner cable arena preparing for her speech tomorrow night. on wednesday former president bill clinton will headline and on that same night california attorney general camilla harris will speak. in charlotte, ken pritchett, ktvu news. north carolina is considered a battleground state. a new state by elon university shows mitt romney is heading
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obama by 47% to 43%. another poll that tends to lean democratic show it is race tied in the tar hill state. stay with ktvu for live coverage throughout the convention. ken pritchett will be in charlotte through thursday where president obama is expected to address 25,000 people outside in a football stadium. coming up in 30 minutes touring the destruction. by the president say -- why the president says the damage from hurricane isaac could have been much worse. an apology tonight from john burton after he suggested that republicans are using propaganda tactics similar to those used by the nazi's in world war ii. in a radio interview, burton said republicans are using the so called big lie. the same tactic used by nazi
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propagandist. republicans immediately criticized burton the democrat later issued a statement saying quote he humbly apologized. seems that teens have found a new place to party, empty or foreclosed homes. amber lee is live now in concord and tells us how word of the latest bash spread quickly, amber. >> reporter: julie neighbors tell us around this time last night about 100 teens tried to break into this vacant home you see behind me for a party. word about the gathering spread quickly through social media. >> this back door was open. >> reporter: shortly before 7:00 tonight realtor ray mark came to check on the home. he says it's a short sale set to open next week. >> looks like they didn't mess up any of the kitchen area. >> reporter: he representing the widow that moved out of the
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home. >> it could have made the sale go the wrong way. >> reporter: there are reports that teens have tried to break into other vacant homes to hold parties in walnut creek, clayton and pleasanthill. neighbors here told us last night they saw teens gathering around 10:00 p.m. and driving up and down the cul- de-sac. >> i saw a lot of them. there was a big group. some were getting dropped off by taxi. it was quite a group of people. >> reporter: another neighbor told us this is the kind of community where people watch out for each other. when the teens started showing up, someone called police. neighbors told us a patrol car was parked in the driveway for hours. >> reporter: i don't know how they thought they would get away from it. or how long they thought it would go on for. >> reporter: what was your first reaction? >> i was kind of shocked by it. this home was an important part of me growing up. she used to make dinner for us. >> reporter: one teen who lives on this street tells us he was
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invited via twitter to the house party. concord police declined to release details about the incident but did say no one was arrested. reporting live in concord, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of a missing antioch woman was asking for the public's help in finding her. they say she is almost nine months pregnant. this is a photo of 39-year-old margie cabr era. she was last seen in antioch six days ago. her family says she is pregnant and her due date is september 19th. her family says she has the mental capacity of a 10-year- old. three members of a family from san jose was injured. each parent was in a water craft with a parent seated behind them. the mother crossed right in front of the father's path and
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was broadsided. the parents are identified as sufian and subian kasini. authorities spent hours searches for a suspect involved in a robbery at a pot club. police say three suspects fled in a white van and that officers gave chase. police stopped the van near kenmar court and arrested two 17-year-olds however the third suspect was able to get away. police spent the day going door to door but finally gave up their search around 4:30 this afternoon. all those songs that you bought on i tunes and paid for you may not actually own that music. how bruce willis opened up a new debate about digital music right. plus a labor day rally about a different kind of labor. why these demonstrator
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contra costa fire fighters have contained a brush fire tonight in the hills between concord and pittsburg. that fire burned about 250 acres. started just before 6:00 tonight. firefighters battled on the ground while calfire provided air drops. now at least some of this fire is on federal property.
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so federal firefighters are also on the fire lines and crews plan to remain on the scene through the night. a 17-year-old east palo alto resident was arrested this morning and charged with attempted murder. police responded to reports of a fight in progress just after 3:00 a.m. at a home on new bridge street. when they arrived they found a plan who had been stabbed several types. officers booked the teenager into the county youth detention facility and they say he has admitted to that stabbing. as for the victim he is in critical but stable condition. new at 10:00, a bogus story about actor bruce willis suing apple is stirring debate about digital music rights. ken wayne is in san francisco and say many apple customers may not realize they don't really own the music they've purchased, ken. >> reporter: the false report said that bruce willis was going to sue apple because he could not pass on his i tunes
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music collection to his children after he died. while the bruce willis part of the story is false, the music is really only yours until you die. >> i just got this thing to be honest. so i'm still trying to figure it out. >> reporter: the devil is in the details of the very long and complicated terms and conditions of agreement on i tunes. which says once your contract with apple expires as in when you expire all that music you buy is no longer yours to pass on to others. >> you accepted the terms and conditions when you got i tunes. >> yeah, i did. >> reporter: there are other restrictions buried in the fine print. you can only share the music you got with five electronic devices and you can't burn endless copies the way you can with cd. only seven are allowed with
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apple. >> i'm sure you can go to google and download some type of secondary software and you can take that song own download it or convert it from an mp3 to some other device. >> reporter: some customers say the limitations help protect artists from music piracy. >> free music is gone. you want to pay the musician. >> reporter: but determined customers have already learned how to get around the i tunes restrictions. >> if that happens you're going to have to arrest me and 7 billion other people who do it already. >> reporter: apple had no comment about this story. the moral of all of this is you may have bought and paid for all of these songs but that doesn't mean you own it. ken wayne. a rally on this labor day about the labor that accompanies the delivery of
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babies. two dozen people gathered outside alta base hospital to deliver the message about childbirth. they say that the u.s. can do better with childbirth by allowing mothers to have a greater role in making birthing decision. >> it could be a c-section but it can be based upon the mom really knowing what the choices are and the doctors and nurses following current evidence based practices. >> reporter: according to the world health organization the united states only ranks 34th in the world for mothers surviving childbirth and only 38th in the world for newborns surviving birth. demand for donated breast milk is on the rise as more and more experts praise breast milk. it's recommended new moms breast-feed exclusively for the
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first three months of a child's life if they can. business is booming for this rotating collection of food trucks at san francisco street food park. >> something about being outdoors, something about you know, interacting with other people. >> reporter: now the city's director of housing opportunities partnership and engagement hopes to bring a free soul food truck to help feed the tendser loin population. the goal is to bring conversation while aiding those who aren't eating well. >> i learned about a study at ucsf that learns that for the homeless living with hiv 56% of those individuals are defined as food insecure. >> reporter: helping the homeless requires a mix of conventional and unconventional ideas. in june he launched a pilot program that pays pays
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panhandlers to prepare dogs for adoption. >> i think it's a good idea to pursue and see if it's a realistic action for connecting people with the food they need. >> reporter: tenderloin residents tell us they're intrigued. >> it will also bring the cultures together because there's a lot of mixed people and they'll get to see the diversity. >> reporter: they're searching for funding for the truck. they hope the food will be good enough to attract people from all over the city to the tenderloin. it's slightly warmer today. temperatures got into the mid- 90s everyone upper 90s. they had a dense fog advisory early this morning. the compression of that high pressure pressing the fog right up against the coast tomorrow morning. good chance of a dense fog advisory again. it hasn't been issued but i
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wouldn't be surprised. be prepared for that. highs today look like these. these numbers were a little warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow are going to be cooler we're going to lose about a degree or two in both locations. it's still going to be a very nice day. tomorrow a lot like today, slightly cooler. big changes are coming though as we head into the end of the week. i'll be back with the complete forecast. oscar nominated actor michael duncan died today at 56 years old. his role as a death row inmate on the film the green mile with tom hanks led to his nomination as best supporting actor. duncan's fiance said that he suffered a heart attack and never really recovered. still to come tonight, gas
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prices reach a record high. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to our test facility to see if it worked. [ woman ] take a deep breath, tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. a clean house. my new car. [ woman ] go ahead and take your blindfolds off. oh!! hahahaha!!! look at all this garbage!!! [ male announcer ] febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy.
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demonstrators marched in richmond today calling for more government oversight of chevron and the organization of the chevron. on this labor day many californians are struggling to find work. we spoke to the former director of the employment development.
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he says in the years he's been in the employment field this is the toughest year he's seen. >> over the past year we've gained 360,000 payroll jobs in california which outruns the nation's growth. >> michael bernich said california lost 1.3 million jobs during the recession and still needs to add 900,000 jobs more. faithful union members are saying that president obama still needs to earn their vote. new at 10:00, noelle walker on the union perspective from the alameda picnic. >> reporter: at the bay area's largest labor day picnic the crowd is not exactly undecided. >> the american people have to endorse the president even though i don't agree what he's done. >> reporter: this blue leaning
11:55 pm
crowd has some expectations for president obama. >> focus on the promises that were made four years ago. >> reporter: while union members enjoy a day away from work what they want to hear from the convention is how the president is going to get america back to work. >> i want to focus on jobs for american workers. i want them to focus on the middle class that's coming out of school, where are they going to go. >> so he has to work for your vote still? >> exactly. make sure that unemployment is not as high. >> reporter: the empty chair belongs to their laid off coworkers. >> our message is bring jobs back. corporate america take your profit we think you should have it but share a little bit. instead of being greedy. >> they need to have a little more strength and show that they can get things done for the working people. >> reporter: on that front they say the president has work to do. >> everybody has to work for a
11:56 pm
vote. everybody has to work for a vote but he has my vote. >> reporter: in alameda, noelle walker, ktvu news. in the south bay another labor day event left some protesters with pretty hefty fines. ahead at 10:45, why police called the punishment ironic. aaa says a gallon of regular is going for $4.17. san jose is next highest as four -- highest at $4.19. san francisco is the highest at $4.24. experts say prices should begin to drop as refineries start pumping again. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: that driver is talking about people who leave her no place to park. >> i've been paying attention to local politics since i was
11:57 pm
about 10, 11 years old so i know what's been going on for the
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a cab driver in oakland drove right into the side of a garage at meva street this morning. police then arrested the driver for driving under the influence. the more immediate problem though was that a gas meter had been knocked off. 10 people were evacuated from an apartment building next door. firefighters were able to turn off the gas and stop that gas leak. palo alto police say a deadly car crash this morning may have been due to some type of medical emergency. they say that a man's car drifted off middle field road about 8:00 this morning and hit a tree. the man was pronounced dead at
12:00 am
the scene. authorities have not yet released the victim's name or how fast he was driving. police in berkeley are launching a crack down on the illegal use of handicapped driving plaquered it starts tomorrow. ktvu's healther holmes is live now in earthquake bely be -- in berkeley and tells us anyone getting caught is going to find a very expensive ticket. >> reporter: seems more and more people are borrowing grandma's plaquered to have access to one of these spots. but starting tomorrow if you do not have proof that you have the right to park here you'll have to pay. nabbing a parking spot is almost like winning the lottery. >> it's very difficult. >> reporter: janet vanwicklen walked to the shops. >> i usually don't bring my car when i shop. >> reporter: but more and more people are looking for this blue plaquered.
12:01 am
the disabled plaquered is like gold. it means a designated front row spot is yours and often meters and time limits don't apply. but berkeley is going after those who have the plaquered but don't have a legitimate disability like joan armstrong. she has degenerative arthritis and says she's in pain with each step. >> i have no words. frustration is terrible. >> reporter: while berkeley's parking officials were off for the holiday, they willllbe in force tomorrow. armstrong welcome it is crack down. >> thank god, that's really a relief. >> reporter: this assembly bill gave officers authorities to fine violators. before this legislation that was something only law enforcement could be. so now the risk is greater and here in berkeley, the odds of
12:02 am
you getting caught just went up. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. uc berkeley is trying to make good on some parking problems. the university says it's fixing a problem that led to sales of tickets for seats that just didn't exist. over 100 people had to be relocated for last week's season opener. they found out on opening day that three sections were tighter than expected. officials at san francisco state university are watching for signs of a chicken box outbreak after two students came down with chickenpox. campus officials sent letters to students so those that are vulnerable take precautions. the incubation period for chickenpox is 10 to 21 days. >> earliest we would expect secondary cases would be tomorrow. the earl littlest would expect any individuals to show the
12:03 am
typical chickenpox rash would be on wednesday. health officials say the six students are now recooperating at home but were all over campus wild they were contagious. they say the cases did not originate on campus. one student reportedly got sick in alameda, the other in el dorado county. the race for mayor in fremont could make history this november. five candidates are vying for the seat and jana katsuyama explains why a teenager says he's the best person for the job. >> reporter: maybe one here. >> reporter: he's 18 just barely able to vote and aziz asari is running for mayor of his hometown of fremont. >> i've been paying attention to local politics since i was 10 or 11 years old so i know what has been going on for the past year and i know what needs to happen. >> reporter: he has a second degree black belt in tae kwon do and is managing home work with a busy campaign schedule.
12:04 am
>> this is like our campaign headquarters. >> reporter: his social media campaign has attracted more than 16,000 page views and he says it's encouraged many young people to register to vote and get involved in the campaign. >> when somebody has a passion and they have that commitment you just have to let them go with it. you just can't take that away from them. >> reporter: aziz is going against two 10 other candidates including cho and harrison who both have served on city council and natarajan who's the city's vice mayor. >> i have the experience, the expertise. >> reporter: natarajan says she's never met aziz but is encouraging to see a young candidate. we tried to contact the other candidates but did not hear from them. regardless it should be an
12:05 am
interesting race in november. in fremont, jana katsuyama ktvu news. a new berkeley study shows students with some type of autism are bullied in school. researchers used records from a 2001 survey of parents and found 46% said their autistic teenagers were the victims of bullies. they said it doesn't mean awe thetistic kids should be separated but -- doesn't mean autistic kids should be separated but that schools need to do a better job of teaming students up with peer groups. i'm back here in a few
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fire crews are battling a wildfire in the angeles national forest. it also ruined labor day plans for people who hoped to spend the holidays in the mountains. at this point the fire is not threatening campgrounds however officials need roads in and out of the area. president obama took a tour of a town about 30 miles from new orleans. it flooded and now many of the front lawns are littered with water logged possessions. the president visited with those who weathered the storm and also applauded the resill general re -- resiliency of people who live along the coast and those first responders. >> sometimes in the past we
12:09 am
haven't seen the type of coordination that is necessary in these types types of disasters, this time we've seen it. vice president joe biden has his things back after a stolen u-haul truck loaded with equipment was recovered today. some of the con at -- contents were found at an abandoned home, the rest appeared to be inside of the vehicle. police are trying to identify the man caught on camera. the romneys took to the water today. the gop presidential nominee is also attending practice sessions for upcoming debates. in a statement released today romney said labor day is a time to celebrate the strong american work ethic. but is also another day of americans worrying about when
12:10 am
their next paycheck will come. a gallup poll released found that the republican campaign did little to tip independents to vote for the republican candidate. 33% said it may them less likely. in news of the world tonight in pakistan a suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into a u.s. government armoured suv. two pakistanis were killed, a dozen more were injured. the two americans in the suv though were not seriously hurt. attacks like these on american targets are relatively rare and so far no one has claimed responsibility. in south africa, miners started singing as they were released from jail today. a total of 91 were freed. about 140 others remain behind
12:11 am
bars. the miners had all been charged with murder after police killed 34 miners last month. authorities had used a law from the days of apartide that allowed people to be charged. the fuego volcano which means fire in spanish is spitting out smoke and ash and lava is flowing down a half mile from the rim. some air traffic has been diverted from the area but so far no evacuations have been ordered. britain's prince harry made his first public appearance today since naked photos of him in las vegas surfaced. the prince went to an award for children with serious illness. harry mentioned something about not being shy and that received some laughs. coming up here, how the shape of a beer glass could
12:12 am
actually influence how fast you drink. plus -- >> it's a little ironic because you're violating the law in support of law enforcement. they were trying to show their support for police. so why did they
12:13 am
12:14 am
plans for a labor day protest at the home of the san jose city manager has left a half dozen people with tickets carrying hefty fines. the protesters were actually demonstrating support for police and other city workers, mat keller reports. >> reporter: occupy members are upset as the recent pension
12:15 am
reform measures spear headed by city leaders. >> by being out here in support of law enforcement, it's a little ironic because they're violating the law in support of law enforcement. not really what we're asking for on our part. >> reporter: officers wrote $1,000 tickets to each person for violating municipal court. >> we don't blame the cops for that, we think they're caught up in a system that's not serving them as well and hopefully that will change and hopefully change will come to city government sooner or later. >> reporter: unions have faced adversity with declining numbers in the last couple of years. city, fire and police have faced cuts this year. >> no one disagrees that there's a problem with the pension issue in this state and in this city, but the way it's got to be done is through negotiation and through works things out together. >> reporter: state lawmakers are also addressing pension
12:16 am
reform. it's an issue san jose city council member says is not an attack on unions but necessary . they're pushing for the passage of the initiative raising the minimum wage in san jose to $10 an hour. in san jose, matt keller ktvu channel 2 news. a new study shows organic produce and conventional produce are equally nutritious. pesticides were also detected on 7% of organic produce. the study appears in the journals of internal medicine. the shape of your beer glass may determine how quickly
12:17 am
you drink. people drink beer faster from curved glasses compared to straight ones downing a pint an average of four minutes faster. the curved glass makes it harder to pace yourself because it's more difficult to determine how much beer you're actually consumer. vine yards were showcasing their wine in the 31st annual harvest wine celebration. the two day event featured more than 40 different wineries in the livermore valley area. the $62 cost included food and wine tasting, wine discounts and also special activities and entertainment at various wineries. and we've got fog right back along the coast right now. it was there this morning to the tune of a dense fog advice reu. - - advice reu. - - advisory. tomorrow morning if you have a commute along that section or
12:18 am
19th avenue, mainly on the great highway up by the water there's a chance you will see dense fog. be ready for that. national weather service has not issued advisories but they likely will. we expect slightly cooler weather. when i mean slightly i mean slight. it'll be a little slower burn off and temperatures at the end of the day will probably rack up two or three degrees cooler than they were today in some inland valleys. the rest of us you may see the same. 78degrees for tomorrow morning. then it goes back to the coast. temperatures those are 90s near 80s near 70s. now it's going to cool off as we go through time. one of the reasons will be for some tropical moisture. look at it coming up from the south here. it's going to bring us increased clouds on wednesday. tomorrow it's slightly cooler we'll have a little bit of an
12:19 am
offshore flow. mid-70s to mid-80s. tomorrow just like today. here comes tropical moisture. we've been talking about it in the break a little bit. one of the things you worry about is when you get this much tropical moisture north, remember last time this happened lightning strike s and lots of fire. lots of moisture. they're not forecasting any rain. but it doesn't take much for this when you get these kinds of dynamics. that's wednesday at 1:00. then we get into thursday at 9:00 a.m. it's still lingering and you get thundershowers showing up. the models having with this right now but this is an ongoing deal. we'll watch it for you but that's a lot of moisture and it can be incredibly unstable and it can put us in a bad situation wednesday into thursday. we'll see thunderstorms popping up thursday evening that's the last thing you want on the west of the sierra nevada.
12:20 am
we'll watch it for you for sure. right now the models aren't that bullish on some big activity but you never know. so we'll watch it. forecast highs tomorrow there you go. 82 in mountain view. you will see it's warmer about the same tomorrow. a little cooler middle of the week and then temperatures tweak up a little bit saturday and sunday. we'll update it for you certainly tomorrow morning and i'll be on it tomorrow night. >> the last thing we need is thundershowers. sheriff deputies tell us a shooter happened outside an apartment complex in an unincorporated area. our news photographer was told that a group of men were outside the apartments when a car pulled up and someone inside fired at least two shots. one person was hit in the chest, he ended up dying at the scene. labor day was race day for
12:21 am
some serious cyclists in san francisco. >> off we go, we're racing. >> the 30th annual san francisco bicycle race was held today. bicyclists lined up to compete in 10 10 different categories. each race was just under a mile. tiger woods makes history. what he's just done that no other golfer has ever done before. >> plus why a roller coaster at ♪
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[ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to 4 times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family.
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? thrill seekers at the santa cruz boardwalk took their last rides on the hurricane today. the roller coaster will be dismantled and shipped to a park in new mexico to make room for a new roller coaster. in coming under toe will have spinning cars and is scheduled to open sometime next summer. mark is here now with sports that was a character winning win by the giants tonight. >> i think so they're kind of walking with a certain strut right now like they just believe they're going to win every game. so far for them not hitting at home. nine runs, 16 hits in that ruckus come back of the year. the giants at a point where they seem to be able to will
12:25 am
themselves to victory. and there are a lot of believers in another sell out crowd. second straight time they present barry zito with the lead. he came on home. hunter pence two run triple in the triple valley. they are believers out there. come the ninth after once trailing 8-5 san francisco, trailing 8-7. buster posey has to be the ml mvp right now. lashing a game tieing double down the line at left. now to the tenth. 2-out. marco scutero drills one similar spot. this time it's a walk off single to lirium on the field. tempered only by the fact the dodgers also with a walk off win tonight. the giants happy with the victory and still leading the west by 4-1/2. >> one of the best if not the best win of the year. especially just bouncing out to
12:26 am
an early lead and the d backs coming back. taking the lead. we were down a couple of types in the last road trip and fought our way back. so i think that's what it's going the take. meantime in oakland the a train slowed down just a little bit. the angels come into oak land. a's just pounding the ball of late not this afternoon. those honors went to the highly paid and big hitting angels today. chris ianeta that is a big league homer right there. three hits, three rbis never truly got into it for the a's as they trailed throughout. but chris cutter, i have to show you one a's highlight. his homer over yonder himself. 14th of the year. when it comes to tiger woods, the deutsche couldn't
12:27 am
have been better named, because he didn't win. putting him over the 1 million mark. no one has ever done that before. and a third shot of the par five. he's dancing. nearly an eagle. first place money to rori mcilroy. final round 4-under 67. a birdie at 12 and he makes 1.4 million. perfect game in baseball and what you call your double bagel in tennis. serena williams pretty much a study in perfection. williams has 62 career victories at flushing meadows. >> she's incredible. >> double bagel. >> mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> the morning team will be here starting at 4:30.
12:28 am
they'll be following on [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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